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Dienstag, 26. April 2011


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The set includes:
-4 Templates Format

PU/S4H/CU ok


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Montag, 25. April 2011



We wish all our Customers *HAPPY EASTER* !

New Designer - Heartfelt Perfections

Springs Serenade by Heartfelt Perfections

12x12 300ppi PU/S4H/S4O ok

Kit Contains: 9 Papers and 28 Elements


$3.00 (2.10) !! SALE !!

New Designer - Kakleidesign

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Dulzura by Kakleidesign

This is a kit dedicated to inocense, to kids and the inner child that embraces our souls...
Made with beautiful colors and textures, between soft and passion this set has a big heart that will suit all your needs.
The kit includes:
6 word arts in PNG-300dpi,84th gorgeous assorted elements in PNG-300dpi and 18th beautiful papers at 12x12 inches-JPG-300dpi.

save 50% (Discount is shown on CheckOut!)

Memories by Kaklei Designs

Mèmoires is a happy vintage kit, with a deep touch of magic and sweetness, you will love this kit that will suit all your scrapping needs...
Including 16th papers of 12x12 inches-JPG-300dpi,60th assorted elements in PNG-300dpi and 5 word art in PNG-300dpi

save 50% (Discount is shown on CheckOut!)

New Designer - Aiyana Creations

This kit contains:
12 papers
74 elements

Information elements:
All the papers are for the .jpg size, 3600x3600, 300Dpi.
Elements are for the .png size, the variable size, 300Dpi


$3.30 (2.31) !! SALE !!

also available:

New CU - save 25% first Week !!

PhotoMasks by Skute Design

save 25%

New Releases -save 25%

Kit included 70 elements, 7 frames, 16 papers, 7 wordarts.
No shadows
300 dpi, PNG/JPEG

$3.00 (2.10) !! SALE !!

CU Zenitude by Mellye Creations

This pack contains:
23 png elements 300DPI
3 papers 300 DPI jpeg 3600x3600
Commercial & Personal Use


$3.00 (2.10) !! SALE !!

Color of Nature by Mellye Creations

This kit contains:
15 papers , 77 items

All papers are in. jpg, 3600x3600, 300dpi.
The elements are in. png Size variable, 300dpi


$3.38 (2.37) !! SALE !!

Promesse dÀutrefois by MaChabine

This kit contains :
- 14 papers
- 115 elements

Information about this product :
Papers at 3600 x 3600, 300dpi saved as .jpg files.
Elements saved as .png files at 300dpi.


$3.82 (2.67) !! SALE !!

also available:

Pastel Dream by Azur

Soft and pastel colors with a touch of whimsical to give your pages all the love they deserve. 20 papers and 86 elements. All in 300 dpi.


$3.75 (2.63) !! SALE !!

Uptown World by Valkyrie Design

Take a leap into the past and find yourself in the mid 50: rock n 'roll pin-up .. Relive those days as if you were!

This kit contains:
-16 papers
-68 items

Information items:
The papers are in. jpg, 3600x3600, 300dpi.
The elements are in. png, Variable size, 300dpi

Discover album of SB attached to the kit.


$3.49 (2.44) !! SALE !!

also available:

Happy Mothersday Template Cards by Cornelia Designs

Pack includes:

4 templates , .psd files, 300dpi, 10x15cm

PU/CU ok

save 30% (Discount is shown on CheckOut!)

also available:

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